Wedding Officiant

At new years, my good friend and her fiance asked if I would officiate their wedding. I was very truly honored to be asked, and I of course said yes! This is an old friend of mine and I am so happy that she found the man for her. I cried at being asked, as nobody has every asked me to do something this special for them before.

We met last weekend to discuss a few details. The ceremony looks nice. It won't be too long, and I get to add a few lines of my own, in addition to 'We are gathered here today', etc. I've never married people before (fun verb, 'to marry' no? 'Cause of course I married Tammy!). It's going to be an entirely secular ceremony, as both the bride and groom aren't religious. That of course works out better for me as now I don't need to be ordained in a church, or at least a real one. I suspect that the deities that I don't believe in don't take kindly to fakers in their flocks.

There are still some more details that need to be hashed out between bride and groom, but my role looks straightforward and a lot of fun! If you're at the wedding, I'll have the flash of brandy in my right breast pocket, so you'll know what I'm doing if I appear to 'peek' at my notes inside my tux :-)

PS Tomorrow is the Ides of March. If your name is Julius Caesar, beware and steer clear of knife-weilding cousins.


At 3/15/06, 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lan/land correction, I get it.
I feel lighter now ;-)

Anyways, this is quite an honor, I would be humbled too.



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