Non mortuus sum

It's true, I'm not dead. I've even posted recently to Caelesta's blog to prove it. Because I can't think of anything to write about, I'll share with you my Clarion Workshop reading list. This is homework. I have to read works by these authors before attending. I was in SF last night at Borderlands Books rounding out my collection. Here's what I've got:

Samuel R. Delany - Nova
Joe Haldeman - The Forever War
Nancy Kress - Beggers in Spain
Gardner Dozois - The Peacemaker
Kelly Link - Magic for Beginners
Holly Black - Tithe

I'll let you what I think about the works of my professors as I finish them.

Some of you out there are already artists. This is new to me. I'm going to go to school to study to be artistic. All of my education prior to this moment (with the notable exception of the summer cartooning classes I took at SJMOMA by that awesome stoner) has been geared towards making me a linear-thinking, calculating, programming machine. I've never been quite comfortable with that, as any former roommate can attest to. I am thankful for all the wonderful people in the world who are making art and inspiring me to think that, yes, perhaps, I, too, can partake of this sweet ambrosia.

More importantly, it's change. Many of my friends have changed course, set their sails for different waters. Even if in the same field of study, it's dangerous and scary. I am in awe. I am glad to have such compatriots who can show me the way. My wife went from Poli Sci to Environmental Engineer. I have a friend who went from lowly database programmer to computer animation whiz. Another who went from test board hack to PhD at Cambridge. Humble architect to mighty programmer. Secretary to world-renowned playwright. The list goes on and on. Not that there is anything wrong with where they started, but they all set their sights on something greater, something that drove their passions, and continued on until they achieved it. I want to be included that that elite circle one day.


At 4/11/06, 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll be great.

I assume you meant me and I am only world renowned in my own mind. And I *wish* I was a secretary, but unfortunately I have to be responsible for the behavior, scheduling and supervision of geeks on often their first job in a fish bowl environment. (not that I do it well...)


At 4/12/06, 10:04 PM, Anonymous Casey said...

Hello! Thanks to the wonders of blogpulse, some of your fellow students have been stalking each other already. ;) Congrats! I shall be there as well. And here's a list of who else we've found so far:

At 4/12/06, 10:07 PM, Anonymous Casey said...

Oh, and P.S. Beggars in Spain, Magic for Beginners, and Tithe are three of the very best books I read last year. That was one of the main reasons I applied for the workshop. :)

At 4/13/06, 8:53 AM, Anonymous steveberman said...

Kelly's work is truly amazing. It's no secret that I adore Holly Black. I hope you enjoy Clarion.


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