Productive day!

I got a lot done today while the wife was off finishing her damned PE exam.

0.) Went to the farmer's market. Got lots of goodies. Mmmmmm. Bread.

1.) Shopped at Macys. Got a new pair of dress jeans and an Alfani shirt at super discount. Levi discontinued my 529s, but I found that 559s are a close match.

2.) Changed the rear-diff oil on my car. Only smashed two fingers and I didn't need stitches! Lessons: bring the boombox out, as SAE 75W90 is terribly slow.

3.) Mowed the lawn. Yippee! I partook of of every suburbanite's dream: the ectasy of cut grass and fuel exhaust (J/K I hate our lawn and my mower is electric).

4.) Turned the compost pile. Had to put those grass clippings somewhere.

5.) Inaugurated a squirrel into the RRP (Rodent Relocation Program). She was a fiesty one, but she found a new tree at the park to bark at me from. I much happier with her there.

6.) Had a beer. I think I earned it.

7.) Wrote about 2k words on my new short last night and this morning. It's a weird one. I have no idea where it is going. I hope my muse does, 'cause I'm 7k into it and I'd like it to turn out as somewhat presentable.

's all!


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