A.D. Clarion

This post is boring and pendantic, I assure you, and I haven't even written it yet!

I created a blog feature on the right which shows the countdown to C-day (in Latin and Roman numerals no less) but after it was up for a couple of days, I realised that I did it wrong.

Firstly, the ancient Romans didn't count the way we do today. For example: ad·XI·Kal·Jun·MMDCCLIXauc means that ther are 11 days until the Kalends of June (The Kalends is the first, BTW). But in our system, we render the date as Monday, May 22, 2006 . Note that the way we count, there are 10 days until the 1st. The Romans would have counted the 22nd as the 11th day. They counted *inclusively* ( <math> we count like this (now,then], they counted like this [now,then] </math> )

So to do the countdown correctly (as per the classical theme that permeates this blog), I need to change the count to include today as a day towards the goal. I have left the hours and minutes alone, 'cause the Romans didn't fret such details. Anyway... I'm done. ( I also coded it to note the day before and during as special cases. gotta wait a bit to see if that words, though).


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