BayCon 06 redux

Just finished my run at BayCon 06. I've never been to a regional con before. I went to ComiCon San Diego back in 03, but that was it for me and cons until last Friday.

I met lots of great people, and it was definitely worth the experience. I had a good chat with Jeff Carlson, a local writer and recent winner of the Writers of the Future Award. He also has a new novel coming out (soon?) The Invisible Sea. I'm already on the lookout for it.

I met Deidre Saoirse Moen, a 2002(?) Clarion graduate, on a panel about Writers' Workshops. She got me pumped (and scared) about Clarion.

I spoke briefly with Mark Kreighbaum, editor of the SFWA Bulletin. Nice guy, that. He had good advice for combatting writers' block. He mentioned hot starts, which is a concept that was new to me. Lastly, he gave a complementary copy of said Bulletin. Nifty!

I stalked all of Kent Brewster's topics. He runs Speculations (and he lives up the road from me, but he probably doesn't know that). Also a great guy and a big proponent of Writers' Workshops. I missed the deadline to apply to the one at BayCon this year, but I'm confident Clarion will more than fill my quote of workshops for the year.

I'm taking tomorrow off from the Con. I'm all out of energy for networking. It's Memorial Day and I'll be celebrating by brewing beer. A Pale Ale, to be precise. Or perhaps not. We seldom get the beer we set out to make.

Signing off...


At 5/29/06, 5:58 AM, Anonymous Alex Wilson said...

Since you're into home brewing, you might be interested in this: one of my Telltale contributors runs a Home Brewing Podcast:


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