FDA Rejects Health Claim for Green Tea

FDA Rejects Health Claim for Green Tea. I love tea, but this is just part of my series where I lecture you (both of my readers) that you can't believe everything you read and that there aren't any miracles.

There are lots of herbal and natural products out there that claim health benefits, but they all bear the same disclaimer: Not fact-checked by the FDA (paraphrased). That pretty much means that the health benefits are bunk at best, and at worst it might be bad for you (St. John's Wort being one such herbal, avoid it! It've very toxic!)

With green tea, it sounds to me like a very tasty drink isn't 'good for you'. You know, that's OK. It isn't bad for me. It tastes nice. It isn't as addictive as coffee, and it doesn't rot my teeth like soda. It just won't cure heart disease. You know, if you really thought that drinking tea would cure heart disease, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn I'd like to show you...


At 5/10/06, 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we can't believe everything we read, shouldn't that include FDA reports? I figure the truth is in the middle, yes it has positive antioxident effects, no drinking it doens't mean you can exepct big life changes. . But I also am suspect of western medicines assessment of nutritional values. I call it a healthy suspicion too. Their construct of the human body and health is missing a few chips.


At 5/11/06, 3:12 AM, Blogger Les said...

Does this mean it doesn't have anti-oxidants?

What about chocolate? Everybody talks about it having anti-oxidants, which I think about whenever I'm devouring a largish amount. I bet it's got some cholesterol, huh?

I just eat what tastes good. I haven't had normal health insurance since 2001. I wonder what my cholesterol is.

At 5/11/06, 1:38 PM, Blogger cxjo said...

bah. the current fed also denys that human activity can cause global climate change. so sure, green tea cannot cause good health effects, only the moneylined pockets of big pharma can give you good health!

At 5/11/06, 7:02 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

Actually, the federal government DOES acknowledge the impact of human activities on climate chaos. It's the pResident and a few key Rethugs who don't. Since when has W taken advice from anybody not named Karl or Donald?

As for anti-oxidants, I'm sure it has some. Lots of things do.

I heard Dr Sapolsky say this best: I rant against it not because I disagree, but because "vogue science" isn't science.

If green tea is better for me than just a tasty beverage, so be it. But put up (the evidence) or shut up.

At 5/13/06, 11:52 PM, Blogger Mohit said...

I totally disagree with federal government. On what basis they can prove it.

At 5/14/06, 5:17 AM, Anonymous Saar Drimer said...

I counted more than 2 readers. Are you accepting applicants?

BTW, I just discovered that one needs to have cookies enabled to see the visual human-test... that sucks. I can't see a reason why there is a need for that (the cookies, that is... and not that the CAPTCHAs work that well anyway.)


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