Nebula Awards 2006

SFWA has announced the 2006 Nebula Award Winners.
Novel: Joe Haldeman for Camouflage
Novella: Kelly Link for "Magic for Beginners"
Novelette: Kelly Link for "The Faery Handbag"
Short Story:Carol Emshwiller for "I Live With You"
Script: Joss Whedon for Serenity

Andre Norton Award
Holly Black for Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie

Joe Haldeman, Kelly Link (2 awards!), and Holly Black are going to be my profs this summer at Clarion. Nifty or intimidating? I'll let the butterflies in my stomach decide.


At 5/12/06, 2:09 AM, Blogger Michael Stone said...

Just proves -- if proof were needed -- how good the experience is going to be. I only ettended one writing class five years ago, and the tutor was a juniour school English teacher who lectured us students on what verbs and adjectives were.

"A verb is a doing word," he explained.



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