I've been audited by the IRS. It's OK though, they only think I misreported my income by $30,000. (That was sarcasm.)

Argh! This is not what I needed the week before Michigan. It means that Tammy is going to be here to take care of it without me, and I do the taxes in our household. I haven't decided if Turbotax, the IRS, my employer, or myself is blame.

For the record, I didn't misstate my income. The IRS thinks I did though, and that is giving me an endless headache, especially as I try to compile the documents and records that show that I truthfully stated my earnings.


At 6/16/06, 1:01 PM, Blogger Michael Stone said...

The IRS... now there's a slice of American life I don't envy.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

At 6/16/06, 3:19 PM, Anonymous bkdunn said...

Too bad about the whole guilty until proven innocent thing. If it makes you feel better, the 16th Amendment was never truly ratified (um:

Sorry you pulled the short straw this year.


At 6/17/06, 7:13 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

That's terrible. Sorry to hear it, man.


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