Dies natalis

Feliz cumpliaños a mi!

Birthday happened on Saturday. On the walk to the bar, my knees were kind enough to remind me that I am, in point of fact, one year older. That didn't stop me from wearing my Italia tshirt and rooting for Italy in the World cup. For those of you living in a cave who still somehow manage to get internet access, USA and Italy tied. I'm still arguing with my buddy over that bum off-sides call.

Several hours later, and a rotation of friends, the party recommenced at my house. Cigars were enjoyed on the patio, as Marsh Lady noted, and bad jokes about Sodom Claus were thrown out irreverantly. Somebody brought up SUVs, and we laughed at that personage for suggesting such a vehicular choice, and we all lamented the failure of the USA to secure a World Cup victory (well, some of us did, anyway).

The partying went strong 'til 2am when I crashed on the couch and people got the hint that the birthday boy was all tuckered out. Tammy and I crashed for too-few hours. When we woke up, the festivities began again. My buddy graduated that distinguished institution known affectionately as The Farm. My over-achieving amico has now acquired a second masters degree in some engineering discipline or another.

Tammy and I tried watching La Dolce Vita, but found we had no appetite for 1960 Italian middle-class angst (especially dragged over 3 hours). When I finally got a full night's sleep, I slept so hard I don't remember if I had dreams or not.


At 6/20/06, 3:24 AM, Blogger Les said...

You rooted for Italy!!???


Rooting for your country's football team is not the same as rooting for the ruling classes or the ruling party. It's rooting for your country. Your people. Your workers. Your artists. Your footballers. (Especially the last point.)

I feel bad for the American footballers. They are playing in arguably the most important match of the world and representing their homeland in one of the few actually international (vs unilateral) efforts that their nation engages in and so few people are cheering for them.

They're prolly not going to get past the qualifying rounds, alas.

At 6/20/06, 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nerds...what nerds? We live to party damnit!


At 6/20/06, 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Well I would say that De Rossi was actually the worst player of the game. Not only because he was stupid enough to get expelled at a World Championships game (that itself, for whatever reason one gets expelled, is enough to label him as a a*****e - no excuses), but moreover he, ON PURPOSE, decided to put his elbow in the face of the american player with the referee just behind them. And he even almost claimed in an interview that it was a "mistake" - yeah obviously it was, a big one!
I must say that Italy played really bad and ending up 10 players against 9 it's a shame. The USA team still needs to learn a lot, but eventually will get there - there's good ground on which to build a successful team.

Ciao from hot and sticky Florence (34C today...),


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