Felicem Solstitium

Buggre the Solstice is hot this year. I have little to look forward to, as Michigan will be even worse. But I got my haircut today, too. Ultra short, but still hair on my head; I'm not ready to try bald yet. I don't eat when it gets hot and humid, so perhaps I will be fasting in East Lansing?

My power charger on my laptop exploded in a fiery death today. Of course, with only three days until my flight leaves, I had to pay the exorbitant overnight shipping costs. I had tried to cheat the gods by upgrading my battery over a month ago, but as always, they managed to up my stress by just a teensy bit more, which I hadn't thought possible.

Welp, I'm out of battery life. I'd better post this before it ...


At 6/22/06, 4:28 PM, Blogger SummerofPlays said...

MAn it was hot, I was up at Calshakes and still feelin' it!

Sorry about the lap top.

(ps I am starting a blog about my summer of playwriting)


At 6/22/06, 5:12 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

Nifty! I hope to blog occasionally while at Clarion. Please forgive me if I do not. If it's a choice between writing a story or writing a blog, I'm going to choice the former. One day I'll be in your position: a famous writer/playwright with idle time to spare waxing poetic on 'the process'. :-p


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