The Flipping Point

The Flipping Point, "How the evidence for anthropogenic global warming has converged to cause this environmental skeptic to make a cognitive flip" by Michael Shermer.

Anyone who's seen my bookshelf would know that I hold Dr. Shermer in the highest regard. He is the founder of the Skeptics Society; This man is a professional skeptic. And unlike most professionals, he strongly encourages you try it at home!

He has a new column out in Scientific American about the coverging evidence that has changed him from global warming skeptic to global warming activist. And he cites books that ARE accessible, too! So you can follow his train of thought without having to read Nature (though you can if you want to).


At 6/4/06, 3:36 AM, Blogger Michael Stone said...

I personally find it hard to abelieve that anyone can be a skeptic regarding what we are doing to this planet. I generally find anthropogenic global warming skeptics to be people out to paint themselves as free thinkers, regardless of the factual evidence.

I've been disappointed in the past by Niven & Pournelle for dissing environmentalists in their novels (especially 'Falllen Angels' with Michael Flynn). Their argument that man's emissions are all that lies between us and a natural ice age is ludicrous. More recently, and with a higher profile, of course, is Michael Crichton's 'State of Fear'. Particularly galling is that Crichton was invited to the White House by the Bush administration to discuss the viewpoints expressed in the book. I used to admire Crichton, I saw him as an an analytical, sincere kinda guy. Clearly, notoriety and bucks are more important to him.

At 6/4/06, 8:22 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

I met Flynn at BayCon. Round guy, that. He has a very critical mind, but even the best skeptic can occasionally have his mind so open that his brain falls out. I went to lots of his talks, and he never once brought up global warming. He did like to crack jokes in Latin, which was a tad odd, given that he didn't really understand it. He more enjoyed flouting that he understood more than his audience did (which was a far cop save me hehehe. He didn't like my Classical accent one bit!) If Pournelle and Niven discussed GW, I missed it, as I was occupying all of my time trying to rub elbows with other writers :-)

I like skeptics, and am even a (peripheral) member of the skeptics society ( Dr Shermer coming around was a big deal. He's no idiot, and he doesn't leave his mind so open that his brain falls out.

As for Crichton, well, he lost me at JPII. He should have lost me at Rising Sun, but I was a stupid high school kid at the time. The scent of money drives all of his endeavors these days, not the thrill of science.


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