Pre-Clarion Jitters

I'm losing sleep over Clarion, and I'm not even there yet!

Last weekend was chalk full o' fun. Tammy and I spent Saturday in the City. First up was tapas and sangria at Esperpento in the Mission. I bought Gravity's Angels by Michael Swanwick at Borderlands. Gardner Dozois has had to drop out of being a writer-in-residence, and Michael Swanson is graciously stepping in for him. I also picked up a copy of The Butcher Shop Quartet, featuring a story by the illustrious Michael Stone. I'm looking forward reading it, hopefully before Clarion.

Then a walk to the new Ferry building. A little shi-shi, but it was nice. We bought some cheese and drank a tea. The waitress at the teahouse was a little curt with us, we know not why. We were trying to decide if it was cultural. We, as Americans (as our French friends have pointed out) put too much emphasis on the quality of service and not enough on the quality of food and drink. So from the French perspective, the teahouse was fine; their product was quite good. From the American perspective, it lacked knowledgeable waiters, which was a big negative.

Dinner in North Beach at L'Osteria Del Forno, the best Italian Restaurant in SF (in my humble opinion). They made the best spicy roasted tomato pasta I've ever had. Mmmmmmm. Tammy loved her pumpkin ravioli, as well.

Met up with a fellow Clarionite last night for dinner. That was swell. It was theraputic to commiserate with someone who is experiencing the same axiety as me. I've now met 10% of my class (sounds, impressive, doesn't it? It's just two people). Nye was very amicable and a wonderful dinner date. I'm looking forward to reading her work at the workshop, now that I have a sense of who she is.

I'm off tonight to see Anthony Fusco perform in the Merry Wives of Windsor, at Cal Shakes, Orinda. I believe it's wine-tasting night. Yum yum! Just in case we're packing our own!


At 6/15/06, 11:14 AM, Blogger Michael Stone said...

Another enviable slice of life in SF, Vince.

And thanks for the faith, I hope you enjoy my weird tale in BSQ.


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