Clarion: Week 2

Michael Swanwick has come and gone, leaving in his wake a bloody aftermath. Just kidding. Michael was great. Someone more astute that I noticed that he is really a craftsman and we were all his apprentices. He would stare at a story--page by ink-soaked page--and reimagine it. Our job was to try to internalize how the engines in his head fired, and then do it ourselves.

During conference, he said that he liked my latest in-Clarion story. Clean it up and submit it to a pro market (I must supress the euphoria. I've got 4 weeks more to have my ego properly deflated); rewrite the previous one ; research how to write a proper fight scene. I'm on it.

Oh, and as Chekov would say, if you have a cyborg hand in the first scene, before the story is over, that cyborg hand must crush somebody's skull.

By the way, Germany beat Portugal 3-1. Final is tomorrow. My loyalties are torn: Italy vs France. My ancestry is Italian, mais j'adore la France ! Qu'est-ce que je fasse ?


At 7/9/06, 2:26 AM, Blogger Pakitt said...

Well - ITALY of course!!!

At 7/9/06, 4:14 AM, Blogger Les said...

Allez les bleus!

At 7/9/06, 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, if you want me to read it I promise to and return comments in a prompt manner this time!

Tammy and I went to the Mime troup yesterday-REALLY good. Hilarious satire on religion in US power "I don't work for Jesus I make Jesus work for me"..sigh.


At 7/9/06, 12:02 PM, Blogger SummerofPlays said...

Go France!


At 7/9/06, 11:13 PM, Blogger Michael Stone said...

First Michael Swanwick prasies his work, then Italy win the World Cup.

Come down from there, Mr. Jorgensen!


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