Clarion: Week 3

Nancy Kress has come and gone. Rather than rehash what others have already done, I refer you to rahkan's livejournal website for Nancy's pearls of wisdom. The halfway mark has been passed. Yippee! This is a good thing, as I'm running out of readily available short story ideas, and I can't wait to get home and polish up what I've done here.

The best part of the past weekend was that Tammy came and visited me! We got a hotel room and I got the hell out of Oz, at least for a couple of nights. The jacuzzi made it all worth it. The king sized bed was nice too (I've been sleeping in a single for three weeks!)

We hung out with a few Clarionites friday night at Harper's, a local brew pub. Two dollar pints. This city has much going for it, cheap good alcohol topping the list.

Saturday we checked out the Kresgey Art Museum on campus. Lots of neat old Roman, Greek, and Syrian artifacts (or artefacts, for the brits who read this page), as well as more modern pieces (and post-modern, but I'll refrain from comment for now). We ate at the Dairy Store, the MSU ice cream shop, twice. mmmmmmm.

Today we were at Clark Lake, riding around on Tammy's relatives' boat. There were 20-odd relations there, all descented directly from one woman (also present). That was apparently only half the clan, too. We both got massively sunburned. As I type this, I can feel my back beginning to peel. Ouch!

Tammy also prettified my room. It no longer smells of cigarette smoke (from the intake of the A/C) and old carpet. Who knew how far a little baking soda and air freshener could go? She also decorated my walls a bit, so it feels more homely now.

Three weeks was too long to spend away from my wife. From here on out it will be much easier. She'll visit again next weekend, and then there will be only one weekend spend apart.

I'm learning so much here, but Tammy is still my muse. My latest story is better because she was here.


At 7/17/06, 4:03 AM, Anonymous Alex Wilson said...

You'll have to teach me the baking soda trick. I thought fixing the smoke smell was a lost cause.


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