Clarion: Week 4

I love Joe and Gay Haldeman! They were the sweetest couple ever. Week four has been very trying for everybody, so it was the perfect time for Joe and and Gay to step in with their kind words, sage advice, and positive demeanor. Their style of teaching is to say what they like and don't like. If it fits what you know, great! otherwise, it's up to you to figure out how to mold your story around their tastes (which you are free to do or not do as you wish).

This was the last weekend that Tammy visited me while I've been out here. We took a trip out to the West Coast... of Michigan, which is the Lake, and spend Saturday on the beach. It was a terrific time. Only two weeks to go!

We had a Clarion BBQ today as well. Steve, Alex, Will, Liz, myself, and occasionally Brad kicked ass in volleyball. We're going pro next week!

... edited to add "in volleyball". Thx Alex.


At 7/24/06, 3:56 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

You know, if you don't tell people we kicked ass in volleyball, it sounds like we just roughed up our classmates for lunch money or something.

At 7/24/06, 12:28 PM, Blogger SummerofPlays said...

Damn, I was hoping for some good bar brawl stories (love how the first photo of you bar...atta boy!)


At 7/24/06, 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, didn't you get food poisoning at that BBQ?

First they make you sleep in a prison cell and now they try to poison there some kind of survival of the fittest writer going on?

At 7/25/06, 4:29 AM, Blogger Crinis said...

If the tofu dogs don't kill you, they make you a stronger writer. I think that was one of Swanwick's rules.


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