Clarion: Week 5

Holly Black and Kelly link have been with us now for one week. They are very tough critiquers but I think we're finally wearing them down. :-) Holly is great at looking at the characters' humanity, and Kelly excels at digging into a story's deeper structure. It's hard work putting a story together!

Tonight Kelly is hosting a gown party. Photographs to follow...

One week to go! Then I can get out of Oz! I can't wait. My brain is full. Although Brad had a good insight: Six weeks ensures that we won't forget any of this!

Also, new photos in the stream.


At 8/2/06, 12:05 PM, Blogger SummerofPlays said...

Hey Close to the end huh? When do you get home?
When you have time let's have a beer, I want to hear about it in person! I can come down you guy's way.


At 8/3/06, 3:10 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

Soon, my precious. We thinks it ends soon.


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