Viva Italia!

It is finished. Zidane humiliated himself and cost his team the cup.

The italian blood coursing through my veins is proud! Viva Italia!


At 7/10/06, 3:33 PM, Blogger Les said...

The headbuttee called Zidane's sister a prostitute, insulted his mother and then started using racial slurs against the French team. Apparently, the racial slurs are what finally set him off, since he also get red carded two world cups ago in a similar situation involving a racist slur.

I don't think it's humiliating to harm people who use racist language. I think it should be encouraged.

Violence is the answer!

At 7/11/06, 12:46 AM, Blogger Pakitt said...

les, where did you read that? are you sure he used racist language? do you exactly know what the two have said to each other and why?
I have found this article here:
No matter what Materazzo said to Zidane, they were at the final minutes of the final match (that was yet to be decided) of the World Championship, with all the world watching the players (including the referees...). I expect professional players to be in the field during a World Cup final, not a bunch of 15 year olds. The fact is that he hit a player on purpose - no excuse. De Rossi has been expelled for this reason. For these things you get expelled.
On the football field many things get said between players, and yes - insults as well, but if you are a professional player, like Zidane should be (BTW he won the Golden Football as best player of the Championship), you leave emotional reactions outside of the field, as hard as it can be: this game was not "una partitella" played in the back yard of some church in Italy...(or France for that matter). If Zidane had something to do was to first focus and win the game (and that would have hurt Materazzo a thousand times more than headbutting him - that his how you do real harm to a soccer player...) and maybe then sue Materazzo or ask for disciplinary action to FIFA. I am pretty sure that you can do that (if you can prove it). Reacting like that was plain stupid - everybody agrees on that, even the French.
PS: to have a captain doing what Zidane has done certainly has "motivated" even more the French team to go ahead and win...I would have been disgusted - no matter what the verbal exchange between the two players might have been. Materazzo is certainly not professional either and he should keep his mouth shut, he was plain stupid as well - he has lots to learn. But at least he is not headbutting people.

At 7/12/06, 5:11 AM, Blogger Michael Stone said...

FIFA are investigating the incident. They have called on the services of professional lip readers, who have confirmed that the abuse was racist (Zidane's mother was an Algerian refugee, I believe, and he was raised in poor ghettos. There is conjecture that the abuse was something to do with this).

Yes, it was a stupid thing to do, but consider this: these are 22 highly motivated men playing in hothuse conditions, immense pressure... can you expect them to react with the restraint and decorum when some idiot continually harasses them, and not just shirt-pulling and verbal abuse, but by pinching their testicles and tweaking their nipples? It sounds comical, but it isn't. Bad sportsmanship should be stamped out so the players can get on with the game.

Zidane's sending off was a sad way for him to end his international career. I feel sorry for him. It's a tough physical game. These are footballers, not saints.


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