Feeling Groovy

Today was the first day since July 30th that I was able to move around on my rib without pain killers! Yeay! Recap, I bruised or cracked my rib while playing an intense game of volleyball at Owen Hall. Obi-Kuan, Brad, and myself, took on Gasky, Furby, and Alex ("I thought he was a brother to me"). I dived for a ball, and fell hard on my left side. Who knew sand could hurt so much? (Did I put that penultimate sentence in chronological order?) En français: (UPDATED) Je jouais au volley et j'ai plongé pour attraper le ballon. Mais je me suis fêlé une côte. (Merci deux fois à Estelle qui m'aidé).

The kids next door loved my newly healed self. Airplane rides can only be delivered if my side doesn't hurt. I'm also looking forward to laughing again. Side splitting took on a whole new meaning when every chuckle caused me to wince.

My sis-in-law bought a house. We spent last weekend helping her move in. It's awesome, and in a very pretty part of California, near San Luis Obispo. Three bedroom, three bath, split level, with a nice backyard. We gave her and her fiancé a compost bin for a house-warming gift. They loved it (or so they said :-)

I'm trying to re-groove with my writing. I haven't tackled any Clarion stories, but I should, as the stack of papers isn't getting any shorter on its own. I have been writing, though. I've been slowly plugging away at a YA novel idea. I'm targeting 60k words, and I only have 5k on the page. I'm struggling over every single word. As Chip had said, learn to do it right the first time. I feel like I'm learning to walk all over again.


At 8/16/06, 4:34 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

Sorry you've been dealing with the rib pain for so long. At what price victory, eh brother?

At 8/16/06, 10:03 AM, Blogger jenny said...

broken ribs so suck. but if you're feeling better/ok after 2 weeks you're actually doing quite well...just don't get a cold!

At 8/16/06, 3:19 PM, Blogger SummerofPlays said...

No wonder you drank like a fish at the play...no wait that was me.

Glad you feel better!

At 8/16/06, 8:58 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

Alex, if you recall, you won that game! (And deservedly so! Well played)

Carol, I saw a play? I thought that Merchant of Venice montage was a bad dream. Noooo! It was real!

At 8/17/06, 8:25 PM, Anonymous Shveta said...

Ooh, a novel idea! I want to know more!

Feel better soon.

At 8/18/06, 2:00 PM, Blogger Estelle said...

French lessons by phone... Not very efficient.
Jouer AU volley (pas "le volley")
se Fêler une côte (pas "rêlé")
Estelle m'a aidé (pas "m'aidait").
I want to hear for this new novel idea!

At 8/20/06, 8:36 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

We won? Oh, right. And, err, what I meant by what price victory is that I... feel your pain?

Huh. I don't remember winning at all that day. But we kicked ass together that previous Sunday, didn't we?

At 8/21/06, 2:51 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

Mon dieu, mon francais! J'ai oblie tous.


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