L.A. Weekend

Here's a picture of me and B.K. at WorldCon in Anaheim. I met up with my fellow Clarion ought-six graduate while I was down in Socal for a wedding. It was great seeing B.K. again. I'm so glad he lives in California now. There are so many people I met in East Lansing who I wish lived closer to me. One of B.K.'s friends, Ian T. (from Clarion ought-five) had brunch with us. I also finally met JJA. After Ian went off to the airport, we listened to Ray Bradbury reflect on the mysticism that was his life. Lastly, I said hello to Joe and Gay Haldeman, who were as cute as ever.

I don't actually have any pictures of that wedding I mentioned, but it was a blast. Todd and Jenn were married on the beach, with their friend officiating. "Beach Formal" means barefoot and no tie (nice slacks are ok). Open bar. Great music. Wonderful people. Todd's 11-year-old goddaughter is reading YA, so I tried pushing Holly Black onto her. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of Tithe. We danced until they kicked us out of the reception hall (which was 11pm, what's up with that?). Tammy's sister, her fiancé, Tammy, and myself went to In'n Out afterwards for some greasy food to stave off the hangover. I haven't had In'n Out in quite a while, but their grilled cheese, fries, and chocolate shake hit the spot.

I'm glad to be home. The next few weekends are my own. I plan to enjoy them from the sanctity of my backyard. I'm going to watch my grapes ripen, and not much else!


At 8/27/06, 8:13 PM, Blogger Les said...

Home is fleeting.

For me, at least. I leave friday.

At 8/27/06, 8:36 PM, Anonymous bkdunn said...

Man, I should've tried smiling. But you look happy to be there. Thanks for coming down and hanging out at WC!


At 9/5/06, 8:17 AM, Anonymous Shveta said...

Those garden pictures are beautiful. :)


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