Sic Transit Clarion Mundo

I'm home! I'm back in my house, with my garden, and my kitchen table, and my bed and pillows, and my kitchen stocked with good food. Ahhhhh. Most important, Tammy. I missed her so.

What did Clarion teach me? Besides the obvious don't leave home for six weeks every again (at least not without Tammy), I'd say I learned quite a lot. Sentence structure, plot, character arcs, the costs of magic, rising tension, the outer and inner arcs, nitpicking the petty stuff, etc. It's going to take me a while to fully absorb everything, but I couldn't have learned that much in 6 years on my own. It was soooo worth it.

I miss the whole class already. If you're one my Clarionites and read this, know that I will never forget you. Not even if I tried! I can hear everybody's voices in my head, critiquing my stories, critiquing other people's stories. I have 21 new muses, and I love them all.

I'm finally out of the damned humidity. I had to put hand lotion on when my plane touched down. My lungs are hacking a little bit, but that's because I lived in a smoke-infested dorm room.

I dreamed last night, or at least remembered my dreams. That felt wonderful. For the first time in six weeks, my feet didn't hang off the the bed while I tried to sleep; my bed was warm; I didn't need A/C; the black tea was tasty; I got to breathe dry, cool air; I get to use semicolons with impunity.

For anybody who remembers the volleyball game last weekend, my ribs still hurt. So I took home a lasting, physical memory of Clarion (in addition to the tshirts, the memories, the photos, and the stories, of course).

For my welcome home dinner, Tammy made me homemade gazpacho using tomatoes from our garden. And gougères. And salad. Mmmmmm. Food has never tasted so good.

PS Cxjo, if you're reading this, I waved to Havana on the way in to SFO. I was sorry to see her in her slip. It was a gorgeous day! We need to raise the mainsail, and soon! (and you should start blogging again, too)

PPS Steve, have a safe flight home. I hope the Owen cantine didn't kill you on the last day.


At 8/6/06, 1:29 PM, Anonymous bkdunn said...

Welcome home, dude.

It's interesting to see the split in reactions between those who seem more relieved and those who seem more abandoned now that C06 is in the books. Probably everyone's feeling a lot of both, though. I think I was more in the "abandoned" camp once I moved into the new place, but I think the blow was softened by staying busy having to start up a whole new life anyway.

LMK when I can expect you down in the LBC. I'm hoping I can get you and Tammy down to my place for dinner and an in-home cinematic experience. If not, I can head to the other side of the Orange Curtain and we can cruise Belmont Shores (that's the name, right?).


At 8/6/06, 3:46 PM, Anonymous Shveta said...

Hi, Vince! Love to you, too. Say hi to Tammy for me. :)

At 8/6/06, 5:48 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

Miss you, too, man. Hope your homecoming meals have been as good as mine have been.

At 8/7/06, 10:49 AM, Blogger Les said...


gimme a call when you come by.


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