Le week-end

Sooo, where to start? Chronologically, I guess.

Saturday: Suit shopping! I'm officiating Jen and Nick's wedding, and I need to look good. Went to Macy's and picked out a nice black suit, silver tie, and dress shirt. I'm gonna look good. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to say.

Sunday: Sailing! Mitch, H, Judy, and I took Havana out on the Bay. Ahhh, that was grand, at least until I got sea-sick. S'okay, though, Judy was worse :-p Only one tack, just a sail out and back. There was, of course, a small craft warning. Just a regular day on the Bay. The It's-It ice cream cookie when we got back tasted really good. It helped settle my stomach (that, and the pepto).

We had only been back for an hour (a miracle, I know, we weren't south of the bridge), when I get a call from Tammy. My mom broke her leg and was at the ER awaiting surgery. She broke her fibula and tibia while riding around on her scooter. Argh! I told them not to buy it!

I rushed home and Tammy had already made dinner for Dad. We met Dad and Mom at the hospital pre-op, and got to meet the doctor. Nice guy. Since my mom is a nurse, it was amusing to listen to her give her medical history to another professional. They didn't waste a word on layman's terms. The break was really bad: totally severed. Even in the temporary cast her leg was bent wrong. It really creeped me out. The doc said she would need a rod to hold her bones in place while they heal. Double ewww.

We waited with Dad during surgery. He was famished. He devoured dinner like he hadn't eaten in hours (he hadn't). Mom was fine, and the doc said that she snored through the surgery (they gave her an epidural, so she was only numb from the waste down). Typical :-)

Monday: Mom called me. She's fine. Whew!

I spent half of today finishing my scutum (shield) for my Roman legionary costume. I got the brass trim on. Gawd that was hard. A lot of quenching, rivetting, and awkward hammer angles. Way too much rivetting. The picture on the right is the final product. I just need to paint it and call it done! I got a rejection from Surreal Botany. Drats. That would have been cool if my Space Flower idea made it into print. I guess my first sale will have to happen some other time. I worked out my frustration on the scutum. Take that you damn rivet!

Made dinner of fresh bread (it rose all day), and Tammy made stew with veggies from the garden. Mmmmm. Washed the home-made meal down with a Spanish rosé. Ahhh. Tammy said the bread was the best I've ever made, and I have to agree :-)


At 9/5/06, 8:19 AM, Anonymous Shveta said...

A silver tie? I'm sure I'd love it. Have a great time!

At 9/5/06, 8:12 PM, Anonymous bkdunn said...

Is the scutum also to help with the wedding officiating? Hope so!


At 9/6/06, 10:43 PM, Blogger SummerofPlays said...

Glad your Mom is ok! Whew.

You know you could make some great jokes about discussing your "Scutum"


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