Not a good week.

Broke. A crack propograted where the shock absorber connects to the chassis of my rear wheel well. (See photo at right) Was in the the shop for two days. They fixed it with extra bolts. Kinda neat patch, actually, see second photo). I'm glad it didn't cost too much.

Some idiots made me earn my pay, and that's about all I feel comfortable saying. (Not that I can't say more, but the intricate details of sendmail tend to drive folk into berzerker frenzies)

Art: ars longa
Two rejections. Didn't get any writing done at all. Update: Wrote 200 words one place, deleted 200 elsewhere before midnight. Is that a net wordcount of 0 or do we count in absolutes and say 400?

Life: vita brevis
My maternal aunt passed away. resquiescat in pace. She had a short bout with cancer. My mother is very sad, especially because her broken leg is preventing her from going to Jersey to be with her family. My grandma is on this coast as well, and she's in the hospital, also unable to travel. I spent today consoling them. I have a rule, which is don't call me before 9am on a Saturday unless someone has died. The phone call at 8am this morning was, unfortunately, not an opportunity to teach someone about the rule, it was an invocation of it. Sigh.


At 9/12/06, 1:23 PM, Anonymous Rahul said...

Oh my, we definitely count in absolutes. Otherwise those negative wordcount days would crush the soul!


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