Costume is done

I don't have many good photos of it, but the one at the right is pretty darn good. It unfortunately doesn't show me with the helmet or the shield, the two pieces I've been busy trying to finish. The shield can be seen the next photo, though.

It does show the baldric, which went amazingly well, especially since the clasps and fastener I created were innovated off of my old boy scout belt clips (something the modern BS uniform doesn't incorporate anymore). Also, I had to look up the word balric, 'cause I'm just not up on all the weapon vocab.

The reason I don't have more full length pictures is because I learned from the photos I did take that the tunic and the belt need to be redone. They just don't hang right. The helmet looks a little goofy, too. I need to figure out how to make it look more menacing.

The next post on the topic should show all the finished pieces together.


At 10/22/06, 9:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



At 10/24/06, 3:21 PM, Anonymous Alex said...

Very impressive, Vince. May you get tons of candy.

At 10/25/06, 4:02 AM, Anonymous Rahkan said...

Dude, that is an extremely fetching costume. I wish I could be half as creative (unfortunately, I am a halloween retard)


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