End of the weddings

Wedding season is finally over. And I'm exhausted.

Tammy was a bridesmaid for her college roommate this past weekend. The wedding was spectacular, but there was so much prep to do. I got press-ganged into buying coffee and sandwiches, setting up name cards and party favors, and installing tea candles in the chapel. (Howard helped, too :-)

Howard and I did cry a little as our friend walked down the aisle. Most of the ceremony was in Korean, but I didn't mind. I've been to enough weddings; there wasn't anything that was going to happen that I would miss. The reception was nice, and the brother of the bride liked to think that he was Disc Jockey once he got his hands on the mic. We danced until the real DJ went home.

I think I need another 48 hours of straight sleep to recover. (Didn't sleep well at the hotel) Ugh. No more big weddings. The next wedding I get invited to, I hope its in a park, casual dress, and a potluck.

I did manage to sneak away for a couple of hours to a cafe, where I loaded up on caffeine. I also helped another patron get on the wireless network. His computer wasn't able to connect. I spent half an hour on the problem, and got to the point where I said he should just buy a new laptop. (He appreciated my "arrogance" :-) I realised that I had my thumbdrive, so I downloaded the lasted driver for his wireless card onto my machine, copied it over to his, and installed it. Worked like a charm. He was so grateful that he could read his email from his girlfriend, that he read for me all the bad jokes she had forwarded him.

I got some writing done, too. Story is almost presentable.


At 10/16/06, 4:01 PM, Blogger Steve said...

It's a hard life, Vince....

Can I read the story? I can't promise I'll be quick, but I will get comments back eventually.


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