Non mortuus sum

I'm not dead, not even for tax purposes. I'm just not blogging very much.

I could blog politics, which consumes much of my thoughts, but Kos and Atrios pretty much say everything that I would want to say. (Except Kos's "Libertarian Democrat" kick. What's up with that?)

I could blog about life, but there's not much to say. I've been working on my Roman legionary uniform to have it ready for halloween. I go to work. I've recommenced French classes at the Alliance Française. I think I finally got Jen and Nick's marriage licence mailed off to the county recorder [for real this time, no more of that faux "blue ink" inanity (I don't want to talk about it)].

I could blog about writing (which I'm actually doing), but what is there to say? I'm intensely editing (re-writing?) a pre-Clarion story, "The Circle of Lands", set in the same universe as "Project Apollo". (For the both of you who read "The Circle of Lands", I wrote another story at Clarion set in same place called "Project Apollo", though they have no dependencies on one another.) It is *almost* presentable. I could talk about how I feel about the story. I love it and I hate it. I wish it were shorter, it feels longer than it should be. There are passages I just adore. The setting is really neat. That's about it. Let me know off-blog if you might want to read it.

I could blog about how much I hate the post office. No, I've complained enough about that ;-)

I could blog about Tammy's neat idea for a halloween porch display. She dresses up like Jesus and I don my legionary costume. Then I persecute Jesus and crusify him in front yard. Pluses: dang that would be scary. Minuses: every fundy in the county would picket our house. Maybe it would better as a performance art piece around Easter?

Lessons learned from this blog entry: sometimes you drink the port, and sometimes the port writes your blog entries for you.


At 10/12/06, 8:29 AM, Blogger Les said...

Or worse yet, your fundie neighbors might like it.

Probably not on Halloween, though.


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