The real pervs

This article talks about arrests made in an internet child pornography case. Among those ensnared by the police were a Boy Scout leader and a Bible camp councelor, as well as persons with prior records of sexually assaulting minors.

OK folks, it's time to get serious about who the real pervs are. It ain't the atheists. It ain't the pagans. It ain't the gays. It's people who claim to be highly moral AND people who are already known to be pervs!!! This isn't rocket science.

Do you want to know who is most likely to sexually abuse children? First, check out Megan's list. Then call up your legislature and ask why, in the name of all that is holy and good, do we let known sex offenders--who are LIKELY to strike again--back onto the streets?!?!?

Then, ignore the neighbors who enjoy Halloween just a little too much, and that weird family that never goes to church, or those two nice men who live together and look a tad too well-dressed.

Look at who is railing the strongest against "alternative lifestyles". The easiest way to gain access to children in order to molest them is to hide behind a thick veil of piety.

And no, I'm not saying that ALL Catholic priests are alter boy molesters, or that ALL Boy Scout leaders who are married with children like kiddie porn, or that ALL Bible thumpers want to thump a an underage boy or girl, or ALL congressmen who co-chair the Caucus and Abused and Missing Children can't wait to get their hands on a luscious page. But these people ARE the usual suspects!

Stop blaming gays and lesbians and atheists and pagans and pro-choicers and feminists for all that you personally don't like in America. It's not our fault! We just aren't like that no matter how much you wish us to be that way. Clean your own house first! You'll be doing all of America a favor, and once you do that, you'll find that the loudest voices for hate and intolerance were the real pervs afterall.



At 10/25/06, 4:06 AM, Anonymous Rahkan said...

I don't think that atheists and gays and whatnot are more likely to be child-molesters than the biblical crowd, but I don't think they're less likely either. I just think that when an atheist is a child molester it doesn't get reported as widely since it doesn't have that delicious smell of hypocrisy about it.

Moreover, I was lying before. I do think that people who have an honest belief in God and eternal damnation are less likely to do horrible things like molest children. If their belief is real and sincere, then they have much more reason not to do it. Atheists just don't want to get caught. A person who really believes in religion knows that he will always be caught eventually (by God if by no-one else)....But that's just a personal belief of mine, backed by no evidence whatsoever.

However I have heard that atheists have higher suicide rates.

At 10/28/06, 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But that's just a personal belief of mine, backed by no evidence whatsoever."

Uh... yeah... that's exactly the problem. People who "honestly" believe in god don't bother with such trifles... such as FUCKING EVIDENCE!

(I'm posting anonymously because I'm a coward. I'm afraid that next time I look for a job... people like "rahkan" (in some freak of nature accident in the position of manager) would google me after an interview and be appalled at my request for FUCKING EVIDENCE!)


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