Interlude: Broken Washer

Fixing a modern washing machine is a real bitch. It ain't like in the old days, when services were few, far between, and painless (relatively). Welcome to the modern era, where disposable is the only relevant design criterion. My broken washing machine was either A) designed by an idiot, or B) designed on purpose to make it appear like it was designed by an idiot.

H biked over and ate our food, then we press-ganged him into helping us manually remove 23 screws--from underneath no less because of stupid engineering. I am so mad. One, the machine broke after only three years. Two, the repair costs (if we'd had Disservice by Sears do the labor) would have cost MORE than a new washer. Three, the repair is bloody hard!

If you check out the photo stream, you can see the damage we have wrought. After 5 hours of inane, back-breaking work, all we have to show is a garage full of bloodied machine parts. (My blood, H was much better about NOT getting scraped up)

The broken part is the bearings, which should be simple enough to replace, if only Kenmore hadn't form-fitted the bearing into the rear shell! You've got to buy the whole piece of plastic ($210.00) just to get new bearings. I drive a BMW, and replacing the bearings, parts and labor included, was only $150.00. This is highway robbery.

After H left, Tammy and I pulled the inner drum out from the rear shell using a crowbar, a hammer, and a creative application of a 3/4" socket. Then we could finally get a look at the corrosion. Ick. This thing is a rust trap.

Hopefully by Wednesday we can finish this tale of woe, as my underwear isn't getting any cleaner without a functional washing machine. I hope I have enough to get me through the week!

PS Still writing every day. WC is 12,354.


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