National Write a Novel Month

It's National Write a Novel Month! Finally, a meaningless milestone to give my life purpose. I am pulling out all the stops (and I even know the origin of that cliche) this month in order to make progress on my novel. If I blog infrequently (and when I do, only to rant about politics), it's because I'm either insomniatic or just pissed off.

Currently, the novel's word count stands at 8228. I hope to change that number (positively) in the month to come. If I'm not writing novel, I'll be writing a short story (or updating an existing one). I've got lots of ideas to work with, so with any luck, that word count will hit quintuple digits.

Thanks to Alex for kicking me in the pants on this one.

PS The target word could for this novel is 60,000 words. It's a tad arbitrary. I don't know if that's too high or too low, but as of right now, it feels *high*.

PPS The novel is in stealth mode. Please don't ask me what it is about. My muse is very clear on this point. There's a bit of Heisenberg indetermency here: if you ask about the novel, you'll change it's course. (My muse is a harsh mistress. She doesn't like competition)


At 11/2/06, 10:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, I had heard about this month thing.
Muse away-when you are ready to talk about it please do.


At 11/3/06, 8:20 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

I kicked who in the whatnow?

Best o' luck with it!


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