Of Broken Machines

The washing machines in fixed! We estimate about 12 man hours of labor to fix the damn thing. I learned a lot from the repair. I learned how a washing works, for example. I learned that neosporin should be stocked for all occasions. I learned that I never want to do that kind of repair again.

The novel is progressing, as one might be able to infer from the Nanowrimo icon at the right. I'm just not into the volume writing. I'm averaging under 1k words per day. But I am writing--everyday at that. That feels good.

Of course the clothes washer was a big distraction from productivity. As was Nov 7th. As was the impromptu party Tuesday night (and the subsequent hang over). The Bears beat UCLA last weekend, too, but that was just an appertif. I am sooooo happy right now. I haven't felt this good since before 2000.

UPDATE: Re-installing the dryer sucked up another 2 (wo)man hours. Merde. It made me really pissy that even duct tape couldn't completely attach the ventilation duct to the dryer. Errrr.


At 11/10/06, 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some other machines aren't broken either!
Hung over here too, I ended up texting people late and polishing off more. But hey we earned it.


At 11/11/06, 6:22 AM, Blogger alex said...

Attaboy, keep it up!

At 11/14/06, 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh gasp I am burnt out on the writing business, I just want to retreat into becoming a dedicated soap opera watching guru. I am sure I can mix a mean screw driver too.

(who am I kidding I live to suffer...I am writing too...)


At 11/15/06, 10:24 PM, Blogger Crinis said...

I'm totally pausing on the novel. It's funny, I wrote the intro, and the first few scenes. Then I wrote the climax. Now what lies in between...

At 11/16/06, 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah funny in my play I have beginning, some key scenes and then the ending too. I need to really get character arc (reconcilliation among brothers...) down though. damn. Well all in time...one must be patient.



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