I'm caving in to peer pressure. I didn't know so many you out there actually gave a darn about the ramblings of an electrical engineer/aspiring writer living in the Silicon Valley. Next time, tell me that before I threw in the towel so I don't look so stupid when I revive this thing, OK?

However, the objectives of Sinistra are changing. This is just a life blog. The Latin theme has been dismantled. (It's hard to blog in dead languages, let me tell you!) The name will not change, as I'm still left-handed and sit on the American political left and I still like Latin, but I probably won't mention those things very much anymore.

An exception might occur if I'm talking about a dinner party where I bumped elbows with someone on my left--someone who clearly doesn't know how to properly hold a knife and fork--and as a result we butt heads over the politics of dinner-party seatings and whether people who can write with both their hands are ambidextrous or ambisinistral (Obviously the latter). Since I rarely get invited to dinner parties, this situation won't occur often.

I'm not going to talk about writing here, as it never seemed like the right fit. Instead, I have started a (very boring) diary at this URL where I discuss the generally uninteresting issues I face while I struggle to write and get published.


At 1/4/07, 12:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What to say...: welcome back!
And nothing to feel "so stupid" about.
I am having a hard time myself updating my blog (and finding a reason to do it - ie who the hell is reading it anyway?), that stopping came to my mind more than once.

At 1/4/07, 4:02 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Peer pressure rocks!



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