Got tunes again

I reinstalled the car stereo last night. Yippee! I got to drive to work today with something other than my inane thoughts bouncing inside my skull (I cranked up The Decemberists).

Since this doesn't fall under health or safety, I couldn't buy anything new (as per the compact). I had lost the screws that secure the mounting plate to the amplifiers, and didn't have anything in the spare-parts bin that would fit.

As luck would have it, zip ties work just great for non-structural applications! Two zip ties later , the amps were secure (which is one more point of security over the last install. Those screws get lost so easily).

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At 1/24/07, 7:22 AM, Blogger Les said...

You don't buy things like screws for repairs?? What if you get a hole in your clothes, are you going to buy thread to repair them? I think repair items ought to be exempt. (a stitch in time saves 9)

Also, i think screws are more eco friendly than zip ties, but i guess that depends on how long the zip ties last. screws are forever, sorta.

i dunno. i'm in an expansion phase. i'm going to go buy a tweed jacket. maybe i'll look at the used store by my bike parking, though.


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