The other shock absorber

The left rear shock absorber of my car is now repaired (you may recall that the right rear shock absorber had issues in September). Last night I worked in the dark and cold, both powerful motivators. The repair took less than an hour.

Owen's dad came over on Wednesday to help me diagnose the problem. I was very grateful for that, as I probably wouldn't have removed the shock without his advice. Turns out it was really easy. The bushing inside the mounting bracket had completely deteriorated, which explains the god-awful rattling sound that had been coming from the trunk for some time now: the bar was banging against the mount and the chassis.

I didn't feel like driving on a broken shock or no shock--and didn't feel like putting the tire back on either--just to take it off again, so I carpooled with H yesterday and left the car on blocks in the front yard. t felt weird to do that, and I worried about neighborhood kids getting too close and having a half-ton car fall on them, but if they're that stupid to get under my car... well, are there any lawyers in the house? What's my liability?

I bought the replacement part from the dealer. Yikes! It cost twice as much at BMW than it did online. But I wanted it fixed sooner, so I accepted the reaming. (Even the nuts were twice as much. I mean, come on!) Total cost to me: $50. Not bad overall. If I had had the mechanic do it, it would be quadruple.

It installed without a hitch. I'm very bad at judging repair jobs. I either underestimate them or overestimate them (more the latter these days, based on too much of the former).

Driving to work this morning without a rattle was very nice. I wished I had a working sound system to enjoy the distraction-free ride, so I played The Decemberists from my laptop speakers. Now I just need to reinstall the amplifier, and my car will be ret to go! (Had to pull it out to get to the mounting nuts inside the trunk, that's why I don't have my phat sound)

I had to break the compact to fix the car. I needed a 19mm socket and a ratchet to attach the shock to the lower trailing arm, not to mention the new mounting bracket (I did get the tools 10% off, though, since our local Sears is having a going out of business sale). I'll file it under health and safety :-)

Now whether to sell the car (quick!) while it's problem-free, or keep maintaining it for a while longer. Mmmmm....

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At 1/12/07, 11:33 PM, Blogger Carol said...

yay! More shock absorber stories.

Well tough call on the expense of new vs. expense of upkeep. Never a clean answer on that, not unlike "what is the meaning of life..."

At 3/28/07, 5:55 AM, Blogger lauren said...

i suggest you scrap it for good. If it keeps on costing you on the repair alone, you have to decide quickly. I'm lucky it didn't turn out as bad as yours. I had shocks problem and bought new monroe shocks which fixed the problem.

At 3/11/08, 12:29 AM, Anonymous palaboy said...

i rather change the shocks of my car before it give up totally than ignore and blame my self for an accident that can be avoided by fixing a broken shocks or other parts.


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