Sick of sick

I've spent a lot of time sick this winter. If it wasn't the 4 week sinus cold in December, then it's the horrible sore throat I'm suffering right now (and plenty of minor bugs in between).

In Dec, I tried taking it easy. I drank plenty of fluids, took it easy at work, and kept my social calendar as light as I was able. But the cold persisted.

I blame the liberals. Ever since they retook Congress, I've been sick. QED.

Today, I said fuck it, and we went to Mitch's house-cooling party and later to Berkeley with Gary. If I hadn't have done that, I would have missed out on Zackary's Pizza, the Golden Gate at sunset from the Campanile, and losing to Gary at a new card game. (19 to 30! I want a rematch!) Oh yeah, Gary also lost his mobile, only to have it recovered by a physics student who then left it in Lewis Hall. See? All good fun! All while miserably sick!

The upside to drinking while sick is that alcohol numbs the pain of a sore throat much better than Robitussin(R). The down side is, well, I've haven't found that yet, but I suspect I'm going to pay dearly in the morning. But at least if this cold persists, I can say that I had fun, dammit, even if it killed me!



At 1/22/07, 10:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know I have been sick more since the libs took over. Do you think we are just addicted to chaos? Now that there is a slim sliver of sanity we can't deal?



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