Stupid bee

I wanted to watch my mason bees this morning before work. My moment of bee zen, if you will. I just put them outside on Monday and some of the males are starting to emerge from their cocoons.

There's this one male warming up on the nesting block, getting aggravated whenever I try to pet him (just kidding). I'm sipping my coffee enjoying the bee goodness, the smell of spring, the taste of rain. When he's warmed up, he takes off and starts flying upward in a wide spiral...right into a spider's web on the eave of the shed.

I think, "stupid bee, how could you not see that?" Usually when they get tangled they get untangled rather quickly. But he was young and cold and probably hungry, so he wasn't getting loose very fast. Then the spider that owns the web came out ready for breakfast. Now my heart's racing. Before the spider could bite my bee, I quickly reached up with a stick and caught bee and spider, who are now both hopelessly entangled in sticky thread. I put the spider in the bush, and the bee back on the nest. He cleaned himself off and took off again, this time to the neighbor's yard (and right into a cat's open mouth for all I know).

The bee-zen moment was over. I got a broom and took care of all the cobwebs lingering in the eaves. Mason bees are great but man are they dumb.



At 2/22/07, 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mason bees are great but man are they dumb."



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