A day in the life

Mason bee (male): Warm up in the morning sun. Fly around. Scope out the chicks. If one is unmated, do what nature demands. Fly around some more. At night, find a quiet place to wait until the next morning.

Mason bee (female): Warm up in the morning sun. If unmated, get harassed by males who can't wait to land on top of you. Otherwise, visit a ton of flowers. Get coated in pollen and drink that sweet nectar. Go back to the nest. Vomit some of that nectar into the back of the nest. Crawl out of the nest and then back in so you can dust some of that nice pollen onto the nectar. Leave the nest to visit more flowers. If the provision is done, back in and lay an egg on the provision. Go find some mud. Build a mud wall to protect the egg, and start provisioning for the next cell. At dusk, tuck in for the night and pick up where you left off the next day.

Human, Me (male): Wake up. Take a shower. Make coffee. Watch mason bees while I drink coffee. Go to work. Come home. Crack open a beer. Watch mason bees while I drink beer. Go to bed.



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