Sally Ho!

I have sold the old car. Yes!

As is tradition with Sally (the name of my 1994 BMW 325is), she broke down the day of sale.

When I first bought her back in 2000, she dropped all her coolant in the parking lot of the credit union--after the sale had gone through. The former owner graciously bought and replaced the defunct radiator.

This time around, she decided that she wouldn't pass smog. Argh. 6 new plugs, 24 hours, and lots of polluting intake cleaner later, she passed with flying colors, and with only two hours until the new buyer arrived. Whew!

Fair thee well Sally! Best of luck with your new owner. He's a good kid. He'll treat you right. He knows cars, so at least he won't put dumb M3 trim on your like that other guy :-)


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