"Measure for Measure"

The Impact Theatre company (kickass theatre since 1996) works out of the basement of the pizza joint on Berkeley's Northside. Last night Tammy and I saw their production of "Measure for Measure", one of Shakespeare's least popular plays (or so according to my Complete Works of Shakespeare). While Elizabethan English played out on the stage, we could hear the clack of the upstairs billiard table, as well as the eclectic jukebox taste of Berkeley college students.

It was awesome! If you are in the Bay Area, check out this salacious production. We only paid $15 and it was much better than some $50 shows we've suffered through at ACT or Berkeley Rep. There are couches so you can lounge while dining on your pizza, and the intermission provides a great opportunity to refill the pint of Red Hook. (The box wine is cheap at $1.50, but you get what you pay for.) It is playing through May 26. Tammy and I liked it so much, we might just get season tickets next year (if they had them).

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At 4/23/07, 11:10 PM, Blogger marshlady said...

excellent, I want to get to them more.

At 5/1/07, 6:38 AM, Anonymous Alex said...

heh. The theatre I've done the most with since moving to North Carolina is in the middle of a shopping mall, across from a Waldenbooks.


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