Notes from New York

I had a blast. So did Tammy. This was her first time to NYC and my first time while of legal drinking age. The vie nocturne is unmatched.

The heat and humidity did not combine to make me happy, but everything else did. I'm way too acclimated to Bay Area weather, but I could quickly get used to the great scene on Manhattan. Restaurants, bars, museums, parks. And no suburbia. Ahhhhh.

Places seen
The Met. Greek and Roman shit. To die for.
Central Park. The best picnic park ever.
MOMA. Eh. At least it was free. Watching people taking their pictures WITH Starry Night was entertaining.
The Neue Museum. Vincent Van Gogh exhibition. Yippie!
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
Ground Zero. Just a construction site (albeit a big one).
The Brooklyn Bridge, by foot. Can't beat this at twilight. The river, skyline, and bridge are beautiful.
One Broadway show. Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes acted phenomenally in Deuce.
One off-off-Broadway show. The Receipt. Stand-up comedy does not a play make.

People seen
Sean and Felice took Tammy and I out for the best French dining in the West Village. Escargot, Yum! All the neighborhoods are neat, but seeing this one through Sean's eyes made me feel like I lived here.

On another day, Chris showed me and Tammy the best pizza place in New York. We waited 45 minutes for a table, but damn it was good (I once waited 2 hours for mediocre sushi, so this was nothing).

It was awesome seeing Clarion buddies again. I got teary. Everybody got a hug.

The end
Since we stayed out late and slept in everyday (except our travel days), I never got off PDT. It was easy coming home, though my stomach got used to the EDT eating hours. My gut hurt so bad at 10:30am that I ate my lunch early. I can't wait to go back for more, perhaps when the temperature is more amenable to my delicate constitution?



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