Of broken toes

I broke my toe. Yes, it hurts. I'm so embarrassed by the way I did it. I kicked the door jamb while getting out of the shower. Ouch.

Anyway, I didn't got to doctor because the last time I did that the doctor just told me that the toe was broken, c'est la vie (ou c'est le orteil cassé). He didn't even give me splint. Just some tape, which wound up hurting more than just walking awkwardly.

This time around, I knew it was broken. Bruised feels like I need to shake my foot until the pain falls off. Broken feels like something burrowed into my foot and started gnawing on my bone. It was the latter.

I'll be in the magic kingdom this Saturday. I wonder if I should pretend to be an invalid to get into attractions faster?


At 5/4/07, 9:26 AM, Blogger jenny said...

i have broken both big toes palying soccer, so i feel your pain! i have a little adjustable stiff-soled shoe that helps a surprising amount. if you'd like to borrow it let me know and i'll bring it by.

have fun with mickey!

At 5/5/07, 3:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I kicked the door jamb while getting out of the shower."
I can feel the pain from the other side of the planet where I am writing this. Man, THAT hurts. It is almost like whem you (usually) slam your leg (never the back of it where a muscle can protect your bone; it is always from the front) into some piece of furniture that should not be the there...
Get well soon!


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