Magic costs

People don't like it when I gripe about my biggest complaint of Harry Potter's universe: Magic costs, and HP magic is free. Worse, it's capricious. But don't take my word for it. Go read Megan McArdle instead. She makes my point for me.

...OK, let me just add one thing: the two-word killing spell, that's got to come at a higher price. It's like every wizard in HP is packing a loaded magnum .45. Bar fights must be brutal.

... Last thing, for real this time: a good luck potion that only takes a few months to brew? As a homebrewer, I have spent more than three months waiting for my concoctions to ferment. I can't imagine that every wizard in HPland doesn't have a goodluck-shine still bubbling away in their basements. No wonder they all seem to live charmed lives.

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