Of Earthquakes

We had a shaker last night, at 8:04pm. A 5.6 according to the USGS, with an epicenter near where I grew up. It's right on schedule. Loma Prieta was around this time of year (October 17, 1989), as was the Northridge (Jan 17, 1994). Earthquakes have seasons, too: Oct - Jan, i.e. late fall to winter.

This was a small shake, though watching the house wobble afterwards was disconcerting. Nothing fell off the shelves, but the crack in the ceiling got an 1/8" wider. I recently heard that even largeish earthquakes do not 'vent' the pressure at a fault, so this may be a harbinger of what else the Calaveras fault has in store for us.


At 10/31/07, 2:54 PM, Blogger marshlady said...

Wow, I didn't realize it was that strong.. I didn't feel it at all, but then again I was breathing cleaning fluid at my old apartment doing the clean out, I probably wouldn't have noticed a hurricane. It does give one pause...what is to come?


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