On Greece and Turkey

We had a great vacation in Greece and Turkey. Good food, great wine, and a whole week of sailing the wine-dark sea. Ahhh. It's a shame to come home.

The people:
Both countries' residents treated us well, but the Turks take hospitality as an inviolable directive. In Kuşadasi we were approached by no less than five total strangers--one being a cab driver and other a woman walking her dog--who only wanted to help us find our hotel. I admit it, we looked lost (and we were), but nowhere else on Earth where I've been have folks gone out of their way, nay, out their immediate financial interests, to be helpful (free directions from a cab driver!?!?!). There is a special place in the afterlife for people who are kind for kindness's sake, and it's full of Turks.

The adventures:
From Μύκονος(Myconos) we took a 2:10 ferry to Ικαρία(Icaria). That's AM. That was the only ferry to our island. It was take that, or fly back to Αθήνα(Athens) and take a flight to Ικαρία. That may technically have have been faster, but it was way more expensive. Besides, who doesn't relish staying up all night on a Mediterranean island only to stay up even longer on its sea?

Then there was the Turkish bath ("Joey, have you ever been to a Turkish prison?"). While lying on a hot marble slab, a man whose other job was to drive a cab pummeled my flesh like it was untenderized meat. Everybody baths nude together, and it was just me with four women. No complaints, but being as my wife was there, I kept my eyes closed ;-)

The boat:
For one week it was just me, Tammy, seven total strangers, and free beer. We sailed (well motored, the wind was never good) around the Med, occasionally stopping at remote crystal blue spots to just dive in. Lots of fresh fish to eat, yummy okra and eggplant, and tzitziki! If we ordered octopus, there was a good chance that the SoCal girls would freak and I'd get it all to myself.

The history:
I was Tammy's tour guide as we visited ancient archaeological sites, like Δήλος(Delos), Efes(Ephesus), the bazillion paleochristian basilicas, and the kickass natural history museum in Αθήνα. Tammy was most impressed that not only I could name the era from whence their prize collection came, but also the German archaeologist who unearthed it.


At 11/9/07, 1:14 PM, Anonymous Sarah K said...

Wow! Sounds like an awesome trip. Do you have pics posted anywhere?


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