Garage reorg project

The garage is the final frontier of possessing our home. We reshaped the backyard to our liking right after we moved in. Later we ripped out the carpet and exposed the original and beautiful red-oak hardwood floors (but not before having a wine-spilling party. ¡Viva!). The new couches (technically used, nuevo sofá), wine-red curtains, and custom bookshelves in the living room made it feel like 'home'. Lately, we've been on a kick to put everything 'away'. Even the tea cupboard has been tidied. The goal is to achieve a clutter-pile free home (On this score, I'm more guilty than Tammy).

So with that as background, know that the garage has always been a ginormous clutter pile. The shelves that came with the house were homemade (and performed as such). There isn't much space, even though Blue is awfully small. Everything just seems to overflow on top of everything else.

Since I'm off work this week, I decided that instead of goofing off (all the time), I can organize the garage in order that I a) not have a panic attack every time I park the car, b) actually find the tool I'm looking for, and c) use my garage as a workspace instead of a junk pile.

On the first day I ripped out the old shelves and cleared the workbench.

Notice all the old home brew, a ton of rags, and a shop-vac that looks like it's about to fall on top of me! Ahhhh! (Bonus points if you can identify where the flags come from.)

I pulled everything off of the shelves and desk, and organized it by function. In the picture, you'll have to take my word for it that it's sorted.

Then I ripped out the old shelving. Once everything was clear, I went to the Despot and shopped for new cabinets. I found what I wanted (on sale, too), and it all fit into Blue! Of course, some assembly is required.

It took all of day two to just assemble the new cabinets. I recycled some of the old shelf pieces to attach the new cabinets and to make a stand for my new pegboard. The neighborhood 3-year-old wheeled herself into my sharp-object-filled garage, nearly giving me a heart attack. (All of a sudden I was grateful that I had bought cabinets with locks!) On the third day it was done, all organized and clutter-free.

(Yes, my "Measure for Measure" poster is signed by Marissa Keltie. Jealous, aren't you?)

As the final clean-up measure, I took a load of cardboard, scrap metal, and e-waste to the dump and then made the final 2007 drop-off at Goodwill. Overall, most things found an accessible new home, and the shop-vac is now on the floor, whew! Now I get to do actual fun projects in the garage, like building mason-bee nests, or painting ceramics, or building a stand for my legionary armor.


At 12/30/07, 3:33 PM, Anonymous Paolo said...

The flag on the left with the half moon and the star should be that of Turkey. The other one maybe of a state from central America?

At 1/8/08, 8:33 AM, Blogger Crinis said...

You're right, the crescent-moon-and-star flag is Turkey. Next to it, rolled up, is the stars and stripes (only stripes are visible), and the red, white, and blue blocks with a white star is Chile. It's very similar to the Lone Star State, but Texas has a blue triangle where Chile has a blue square.


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