Things to do while between jobs

1: Make Mason Bee nesting blocks
I admit that these are hard work, especially if you want your bees to have the best that condominia can offer. But well worth it. I have over 200 bees than need quality accommodations. I care enough to drill the very best.

2: Make Roman Legionary Armor stand
In the process. Will let you know if and when I finish.

3: Go to the coffee shop every morning
Check, check, and double check!

4: Write a new short story
I'm 4.3k words into it. What do you think I'm doing at Dana Street Roasting?

5: Play video games
I've done too much of this. I'm off it now. I've moved on to other things, like, oh, I don't know, watching movies?

6: Watch "The Black Hole"
A movie review, yeay! Terrible, horrible, godawful plot. Who gave this screenwriter a job? Beautiful, moving special effects. This should make any Top 25 Sci-Fi list (see previous post). An AI named Vincent. Props, accolades, and honorifics should be given to the screenwriter. Ending: It didn't. I'm still waiting. Inferno an ending is not.

7: Write crappy blog posts
It makes me feel like I'm actually doing something.


At 1/16/08, 10:36 PM, Blogger Les said...

Hey, we should hang out! I'm also sort of hanging around between stuff.


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