Saturday afternoon at Hacienda TV

Mom and Dad brought Grandma's sewing table to our house yesterday, narrowly missing the downpour. The table is supposed to fit Grandma's sewing machine, which was graciously presented as a gift to Tammy. The table was handcrafted by my grandfather. I'm told he was quite handy, but those genes seemed to skip my generation. My Dad got half of the handy genes, just enough to be dangerous. With me though, I'm a hazard to myself and anybody within 15 yards.

After lunch, Tammy and I set about trying to fit the machine into the table, but nothing seemed to fit. I called Dad, and he said he'd come back--just as soon as they finished shopping--and see if he could remember how the two pieces fit together.

In the meantime, we cleaned the drawers, sorting through all of Grandma's old patterns and Sucret tins filled with bobbins, pins, and thread. And we moved Chair (our wingback) and the hopechest back and forth between the living room and the guest room, and put the table in the sewing corner. After all the lifting, only the hopechest had a net vector change.

When Dad returned, he and I tried to disassemble the machine and see if we could somehow fit the base under the desk, then reattach it by dropping the machine in from the top. This didn't work at all. We called Grandma and asked her if she was sure that this sewing machine went with this table, and she said she was sure, but now that she thought about it, she used to have on old Singer--which was just a terrible machine--and the Riccar (the one she gave Tammy) was so much better, and maybe her husband had made the desk for the Singer and not the Riccar?

We all felt bad about befuddling Grandma.

The machine definitely didn't fit the desk, so we moved it the garage and put the desk back to the sewing corner. Maybe my sister-in-law would like the table? Perhaps not.

When I try to sew, everything seems to go wrong, just like when I try to be handy. Of course I threaded the bobbin backwards. Then I installed the thread wrong (it didn't tension right). Then I broke a needle. Argh. I don't know how Tammy found the patience to teach me.

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