2008 Mason Bee Report

The bees are as cute as ever! The males (pictured right) have their adorable white mustaches and long antennae. The females are already nesting, and I have three completed straws.

My converted wine fridge had a big moisture problem this year, so I had mold for the first time. It only minimally affected bee health, though. Next year, more desiccants.

The picture was taken with my new camera (new to me, neuva cámara, i.e. I bought it used on Craigslist). I'm getting used to SLR and different lenses and whether to auto-focus or not to auto-focus.

The cool part about a digital SLR is that I can take a million pictures with impunity. Already the quality is superior (it's 10.1 megapixels).

But getting the bees to hold still for their photo op is really hard. One, I don't have to absolute perfect lens yet for bug photography. But the lens I has is pretty darn good, a lot better than my pocket camera. Two, I'm a lousy photographer; at this point I rely on luck over patience and skill.

This is my favorite time of year. Bee zen is at its maximum. I plan on spending the weekend with beer and bees.

Also, I'm going to put out the Osmia californica and see if I can get some success (for once) with the second species.

Pictures of all bugs to traverse my yard will be forthcoming, provided that they stay still long enough for their perfect picture.


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