Because I'm a Geek

I'm resistant to upgrading to New Blogger because I like having executive control over the Look and Feel© of my website. For instance, I like looking at today's date in the Kalendarium Romanum. And you probably could care less, but the defaults for this template uses orange arrows instead of green and the date is red. I made them the same color (green) and I think it looks rad.

But there are some features lacking in Classic Blogger, like collapsible archives. For a while I just killed the archive links because they got long and cumbersome.

But since I'm a Geek©, I don't have to tolerate trifle inadequacies. I can, so I coded my own Javascript collapsible archive. (See right) I even reversed the order of the years, then reversed the order of the months within the years. (That is, years are sorted newest to oldest, but months are sorted oldest to newest.)

Now onto far more creative and possibly beneficial to humanity projects. Or not.

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At 9/10/08, 9:28 AM, Blogger Cindy Lee said...

would you be willing to share that code?


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