Because I'm a Partisan

Yesterday the big news was Clinton's irrelevant win in West Virginia. But in MS-01, Travis Childers handily won a special election in a very, very red district (PVI R+10).

There are lots of good reasons to celebrate this. 1) This is the third special election in a row where a red district went blue. 2) Childers's opponent ran anti-Obama ads to smear Childers and link him vicariously to Rev.Wright, but this strategy failed spectatularly. 3) The US House of Representives has one more immediate Democrat, and reduces the minority causus to 199 members.

This is very bad new for Republicans. Dennis Hastert's old seat (IL-14) was lost earlier to Bill Foster (a scientist!). And then in LA-06, Don Cazayoux won his special election. With the presidential election on the immediate horizon, the RNC won't have the resources to defend incumbents in swing districts, much less supposedly safe-R ones. (If you follow this like I do, you already know that the NRCC is having trouble raising money to defend its Congressional cartel.)

Not all of these men are my kind of Democrat. I like the scientist replacing fundie flat-earther Hastert, but Cazayoux is anti-immigrant and anti-choice.

Still, deep red districts are turning purple, and the worst dirt they could unearth on Obama--the presumptive nominee--couldn't turn this election around for the GOP. The portends are bad for the day before the Nones of November if you're a Congressional Republican (Not quite as dramatic as the Ides of March, but we do what we can). Of course if you're a Democrat, then the auspices are good indeed.

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