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Since you've asked... (But never in the comments. Apparently all my blog readers are so retro cool that they tell me in person that they like it when I update my blog.)

It's tough when you (by you, I mean I) receive the best and worst rejection from the same agent in the same letter. I've never received such wonderful words of encouragement from an agent or an editor. The standard fair is of the "Dear Author" variety. As if Tuesday wasn't stressful enough (brought the whole company down for an hour, among other things...), a prominent NY Agent finally emailed me back after reading the whole ms. Good news: they liked it, thought it was well-paced, had lovely characters, and that I could write and had talent. Bad news: they didn't love it, and and isn't going to rep it because the sci-fi universe I portray, in their humble opinion, is too small. *Sigh*

It's all a matter of taste, but still, I love my novel. I think it's a great contribution to YA sci-fi (of which there is scant few). I still hold out a thread of hope that one day a publisher and an agent will share my in my dream of the novel, and bringing more sci-fi to young adult readers. In the meantime, write on.

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At 5/10/08, 9:20 AM, Anonymous Sarah K said...

Wow! That is awesome! Just send it on out to the next one.


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