Lest you all (both of you) think that nothing has transpired since New York, please visit my Crinis Miles blog, where I have a new post about my Roman legionary armor project. With the aid of ma chère cousine I have constructed what should informally be called "kick ass leather armor". I'm still a pacifist (read wimp), so don't let my preoccupation with ancient military garb make you think I'm some sort of gung-go sword-wielding geek. I'm a computer geek, as everybody already knows.

Isn't there an Independence Day celebration coming up soon? Aux armes citoyens, Formez vos bataillons, Marchons marchons. Some countries have better national anthems than the we do, composed during wars they actually won. Of course, a blood-thirsty battle cry doesn't quite have its place in a modern republic, either. Spain's national anthem has no official lyrics, so in that vein: BUM-ba BUM BUM BUM Baaaaa, LA-la LA LA LA Laaaaaaa...

Happy 4th everyone! Put a veggie skewer on the barbi and down a beverage of choice. Anchor Steam away...


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